T3 Portable Modular Stands

T3 Modular Frameworks are an impressive portable option for companies needing to display their products or services whilst at the same time manage the costs of exhibiting. There are many benefits of having a portable display that is modular. The main benefit of a portable display being it’s portability.

These modules can be packed away into the back of a car or van. Modular displays are designed to be quick to put up and packed away, fitting neatly in travel cases that can be shipped using courier reducing storage and freight costs.

With T3 Modular Frameworks your small team can manage a modular exhibition stand in hours with no specialist tools required. The quick and easy installation means that you can get on with the main purpose at the exhibition promoting your business and services.

The T3 Modular Framework is also more environmentally friendly. The only changes that may need to be made from one event to another may be a swap the graphics or branding for a particular event.

The T3 Modular Framework is portable, reusable and versatile. With a change of graphics and altering modular additions you can continue to stand out at an event looking fresh and completely new. The system also allows multiple configurations of the display units, to make the best fit of the available space.

In essence the T3 Modular Framework will save you time and money.

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T3 display options are available from a 3 by 2 to as many of the 54 modular options available. These are free standing display stands that can be adapted to suit your specific  requirements.

Download the guide to see all of the 54 options available.

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Shell-Kit Stand Examples come in a variety of options. Commencing from a 3 by 2 Shell-Kit and can be adapted to suit your specifications.

Download the guide to see all of the 29 options available.