Graphic Design

Technology has moved on a bit since TMS Media was born on 1st June 1989. We were writing copy on a Mac Plus with a screen the size of a postcard and designing colour brochures on a black and white monitor. Our designers today don’t know how lucky they are!

It’s not the high-tech hardware and software that keeps our clients coming back to TMS, however, it’s the imagination and creative talents of the designers. Give them a brief and a blank screen and they will come up something that will knock your socks off.

To be more specific, Nick, Nathan and Dave squeeze every ounce of their creative juices into everything from branding that reflects a company’s corporate soul to digital and print collateral that communicates forcefully and demands attention.

Nathan and Dave design anything you can print – logos, livery, signage – for billboards, bus sides, advertisements, packaging, posters – you name it. They also design eye-catching websites to promote your exhibitions and events. The team also design exhibition stands, portable displays for all your promotional events and exhibitions.